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What is Stem Cells?

Stem cells can be called the foundation stone of every organ and tissue in our body. As long as we live, we depend entirely on the stem cells to interchange the injured tissues and cells that we lose daily through our skin, blood, bones, hair and the lining of the gut.

Types of Stem Cells

  • Embryonic stem cells
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Tissue-specific stem cells

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Understanding Stem Cells

What is the function of stem cells?

It is important to have a basic understanding of stem cell, how it’s work and what are the properties that give it a unique identity among all other body cells.

Over the years, stem cells have gained recognition because more treatments for curing chronic diseases. Stem cells are the raw materials and foundations of every organ and tissue in the body. They are most important parts of the body because our entire life, these cells keep generating to repair injured tissues and keep replacing cells we shed or lose every day through our hair, bones, skin, gut lining etc. For our entire life, we depend on stem cells to keep our organs and tissues thriving and well.

Stem cells are of different types and the most important ones are embryonic stem cells which are collected from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst. They are created 3-5 days after fertilization of an egg by a sperm. Besides the embryonic cells, other stem cells include Mesenchymal stem cells which are adult cells in the bone marrow, Induced Pluripotent produced in the lab by changing cells with skin cells etc. Since the advance of technology related to stem cells, we are able to offer economic, safe and reliable treatments. Therefore, if you doctor has suggested a stem cell cure for the same, you can approach us to get the right treatment.


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Sources of Stem Cells

Stem cells can be collected from various sources and research is currently ongoing for beneficial use of stem cells from all sources. The extraction and isolation of stem cells allow them to be categorised as:

Embryonic stem cells

They are collected from embryos and are considered as the most important ones because these cells can grow to virtually any specific cell in the human body.

Adult stem cells

These cells are present in only adult tissues like the bone marrow, blood and brain, but are restricted in comparison to embryonic stem cells.

Cord blood stem cells

This is a source of stem cells, which is derived from cord blood. This is considered as a vital one that holds massive potential in treating various disease.

Benefits of Stem Cells

For decades, doctors are using stem cells to treat cancers like leukaemia and other health issues like bone marrow transplants. They are following this procedure to provide a good source of cells in the body. Apart from these two, there are other diseases. They are:

Parkinson's disease

Retinal diseases

Type I diabetes

Stroke and other heart issues

Spinal cord injuries

Alzheimer's disease

Stem Cells Therapy in Three Steps

Collection & Isolation

Stems cells are carefully collected from sources like adipose tissue or bone narrow. Next, these cells are isolated and cultured with the sole aim to increase their numbers in a laboratory. This process is crucial to generate a sufficient quantity of stem cells to cure the disease.

Cell Differentiation Process

Highly-experienced doctors induce stem cells in order to differentiate into particular cell types according to the signals, making them capable for treating specific diseases. This is one of the most critical steps and thus highly-trained team of doctors carry out this process.

Administered and Follow-Up

Stem cells are incorporated to the patient through injections or infusions. Doctors closely monitor the patient to follow up the progress or potential side-effects post treatment. It can treat spinal cord injuries, certain types of cancer and other diseases using high-quality cell type.

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