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Over the next couple of decades, as we are learning and understanding more about stem cells, we will see this procedure will become an essential part of many modern medical treatments. Not only that, but it will also give hope to numerous illnesses which are life-threatening and even untreatable. Scientists in Australia have always been up to date about stem cell research since it was first identified. At the moment, Australian scientists have occupied senior positions in conference organizations and international scientific committees. However, they are facing difficulty. The scientists are unable to secure funding for their projects, whether it is through their institutions, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Commonwealth Government funding or the State Government sources.

Thus, we need to work together to improve the overall scenario of stem cell research in the country and shield the success of Australian stem cell research in future. And this only possible through the brightest and the best researchers and the most promising projects that have the funds they need to flourish. A severe problem that we are facing right now is that fact that the Australian scientists are leaving their homeland as they are tempted away by other countries based on financial support that is so vital to continue their research. Furthermore, several innovative research projects have only failed due to lack of proper funding and the researchers couldn’t achieve the results, which they know, could be possible. This is dangerous for any research in Australia, and we cannot allow this to happen.

There are three pillars in Stem Cells research in Australia - Regenerative Medicine, Disease Modelling and Designer Cells. Let’s discuss one by one.

The Regenerative Medicine program try to find and develop effective and innovative therapies by either employing stem cells within organs to and help them to repair, or managing new cells and tissue that are created by stem cells to restore their normal function following an injury, disease, or illness.

Regenerative Medicine

Disease Modelling

In Disease Modelling program, experts create tissues from stem cells that are derived from the patient. This provides them with a much-required platform for understanding the causes of disease, for testing the latest drugs and making diagnostic tools.

Designer Cells

This program is using a mixture of molecular tools to construct and design entirely new cells types, made to deliver a particular function. For instance, a universal cell that is created to be well-matched for all patients who are transplanted, or that produces beneficial compounds only whenever required.

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