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Stem cells are beneficial for the treatment of different types of diseases and transplants. If your child suffers from any illnesses that requires radiation or chemotherapy for the treatment, it is most likely to make a negative impact on the immune system. In such a scenario, the preserve of stem cells and cord tissue of the child can be very useful to improve the blood circulation & immune system of the child.

Stem cells can develop as any cell in the body. Inside the womb, the embryonic stem cells transform into those cells that create organs, bone, blood, and nerves. After birth, these cells exist in a person’s body as adult stem cells. These cells are found in all types of tissue, and they play a vital role in healing the body.


  • Most of the stem cell banks provide their customers online registration facility
  • Once the registration procedure is done, you will receive an Umbilical Cord Collection Kit. You need to keep this kit very carefully till the delivery time.
  • The doctor who will take care of your delivery should know about the decision of preserving the stem cells of your child.
  • At the time of delivery, the kit should be in the hospital
  • The stem cells must be collected within 10 minutes of the delivery
  • All the doctors have knowledge of the stem cell collection procedure
  • In case you require help from your stem cell bank, you must inform them at least a couple of hours in advance.

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