Important Notice for Customers

** Cryosite update to Stemlife customers ** - December 2016

Cryosite wish to inform that the transfer of all StemLife customer records and samples to their facility in South Granville is complete. All samples were successfully transferred and securely stored in-line with Cryosite protocol.

There are still a number of customers who have not returned their transfer Deed to Cryosite. If you have not returned your Deed, Cryosite will contact you to follow-up.

Thank you to all customers who have returned their Deed, once Deeds have been returned to Cryosite, a further up-date will be provided.

If you require release of your sample, please ask your treating Physician to contract Cryosite on 1800 220 410.

Cryosite assists Stemlife customers with free relocation and storage

Cryosite, Australia’s leading family cord blood and tissue bank, has come to the aid of Stemlife customers by maintaining the storage of over 2,000 cord blood materials, following the closure of the Stemlife business.

BRI Ferrier Brisbane was appointed as liquidator for Stemlife on the 4th March 2016, when the company ceased to carry on business. Since this time, Stemlife was no longer able to continue the storage of cord blood material that it had banked.

Due to the urgency and need to continue the provision of electricity and nitrogen supply for the cord blood material to remain viable, Cryosite worked to relocate the cord blood material to its own TGA-licensed facility in Sydney, and is storing it in the short term, allowing parents adequate time to consider long-term storage options.

Cryosite is relocating all cord blood material without charge and will not charge existing Stemlife customers for ongoing storage.   

The only publicly listed cord blood bank in Australia, Cryosite is currently communicating with Stemlife’s customers to explain the process and options available to them. Any of Stemlife’s customers who have questions should contact Cryosite by calling 02 8865 2008 or 1800 400 323 or sending an email to the following address:

Any customers with queries regarding the liquidation process or their previous agreement with Stemlife should contact BRI Ferrier by sending an email to the following address:


Important update from administrators, 16 May 2016

Cryosite contacted Stemlife customers on 15th April 2016 with important information and a deed for the transition of their cord blood storage to Cryosite. Thank you to those who have already returned their deed.

Cryosite is still waiting for a number of deeds from previous Stemlife clients. To ensure everyone has an opportunity to agree to the transfer of their baby’s cord blood materials to Cryosite for ongoing storage, we have extended the due date for the Cryosite Cord Blood Storage Deed by four weeks. The new due date of return of deed is Wednesday, 8 June, 2016.

Due to the sensitive and complex nature of this process, the liquidation of Stemlife and the transfer of stem cells, Cryosite needs some time to work through all deeds received. If you have returned your deed, Cryosite will be in contact by 17th June 2016 to confirm it has been received. There is no need to contact Cryosite before this date to check on the status of your deed.

Cryosite will provide further communication within the next 3-4 months once deeds have been processed and verified with Stemlife’s physical records.

If you have any questions or if you have not received a Cord Blood Storage Deed from Cryosite, please contact 1800 400 323 or send an email to the following address


Important update from administrators, 11 April 2016

“If you wish to claim in the liquidation for undelivered pro rata storage fees, please complete the Formal Proof of Debt or Claim form and attach with any supporting documentation, such as your contract and invoices with Stemlife, and evidence of storage pre-payments you have made to Stemlife.

Please return the complete form to BRI Ferrier, GPO Box 890, Brisbane QLD 4001 or alternatively via email at

At this time, the Liquidator does not anticipate paying a dividend to unsecured creditors, being the class of creditor into which Stemlife’s customers will fall. This may however change depending on the outcome of the Liquidator’s investigations and subsequent recoveries made during the liquidation of Stemlife."

Download the Proof of Debt or Claim Form Here 


About Cryosite:

Cryosite pioneered private cord blood banking in Australia, providing parents with the first TGA licensed private cord blood service in 2002, the first TGA licensed Family cord blood bank in 2012, and today is the only bank to offer patented and validated cord tissue banking options. Cryosite has been fully licensed by the TGA since 2002, and is the only family bank to be accredited by NATA (ISO17025, ISO15189).

Cryosite is Australia’s ONLY publically listed cord blood bank, meaning that its financial position is ALWAYS made available to parents.